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Marijuana Addiction Myths – 4 Reasons Weed is Not Harmless

There are many myths that surround the use of marijuana that users want to believe, but it is important to know the truth to be better prepared for potential consequences. While it may not be as addictive as other drugs, it can be addictive or form a dependency for the user and with that dependency, they become at risk for health problems.

There are four reasons why weed is not as harmless as some would like to believe.

Health, Safety, Social, & Learning Issues

Many people believe that marijuana is harmless but the truth is that it can cause many adverse reactions. Marijuana can cause short-term effects as well such as anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and lower productivity.

Younger people who are in school or working will find these effects especially problematic because it will lead to lowered academic or employee performances that can cause them to lose their opportunities with them.

Driving While Under the Influence

Marijuana Addiction Myths

Being caught with marijuana on a college campus can get you kicked out of school.

There is a common misconception that driving while under the influence of marijuana is safer than driving drunk, but this is not the case. Marijuana affects a person’s concentration, coordination, reaction time, perception, and alertness and is associated strongly with injury from car crashes, especially when used before driving.

It is true that alcohol effects different driving skills than marijuana, but marijuana has been proven to reduce reaction time, which could cause them to miss swerving out of a car accident in time. If you have a problem with marijuana call 800-487-1890 (Who Answers?) to talk to a specialist.

Marijuana is Illegal for Recreational Use

While some states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana, most have not and if some is in possession or under the influence of this Schedule I controlled substance, they can be fined for a misdemeanor of $1000. prison).

It is also illegal to deliver or attempt to deliver marijuana within a thousand feet of any school, including universities. The penalties of this offense can range from a class B misdemeanor to a class B felony, which would result in $10,000 + 10 years in prison.

Any student caught with marijuana on campus will be put through the university judicial process where they will face the consequences such as losing their financial aid or being kicked off campus.

Marijuana Use Disorders Are More Common than People Think and They Often Go Untreated

Marijuana Does Cause Brain Damage

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana does cause brain damage in its users. According to the NIDA, marijuana over activates high numbers of receptors in the brain that react to the natural THC-like chemicals that participates in normal brain function and causes impaired body movement, difficulty with problem solving, impaired memory and altered senses.

According to the NIH, people who used cannabis (or marijuana) between their teens and early adulthood presented a drop in their IQ level with an average of eight points and those who used before they were 18 while their brain was still in development displayed cognitive or neural impairment even if they discontinued the use of the drug. These abilities do not return later in life, as they are inexplicably damaged for the long-term.

Four myths surround the topic of marijuana that can lead many users astray, but the truth is that marijuana is not harmless. It can cause health, safety, social, and learning problems and brain damage, as well as posing legal problems and it can cause expulsion from college.

Many people use marijuana for recreational purposes because they believe that it is a safe drug without realizing that it is harmful to the human body. With this knowledge brought to light, people can avoid these consequences and live their lives the way they choose instead of how the drug chooses for them.

If you or someone you know is suffering from marijuana use and needs help, call 800-487-1890 (Who Answers?) to speak with a professional that can assist you.

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