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What are Inpatient Services in Addiction Rehab?

The inpatient services addiction rehab offers depends on the type of rehab. There are many different services available but not all rehabs have them. There are basic services as well as luxury services available. The services each rehab has depends on the type of rehab it is and sometimes the cost of the rehab itself. Almost all rehab centers offer the basic services, moderate rehabs offer the basic plus some extras, and luxury rehabs off the basic services, moderate services, and their own luxury services.

Basic Inpatient Rehab Services

Basic rehab services are the most common type. These services consist of just what a person needs to recover and not much else. This is what most government run and free rehabs offer.


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, detoxification is one of first basic rehab services offered to recovering addicts. This is usually at the beginning of your stay and includes medical support while the drug leaves your body. Usually this is the most crucial part of inpatient rehab. It is also the time a person is most likely to relapse into using the drug of choice again. Detox usually only lasts between a few days and a few weeks depending on the drug. Most facilities have extensive detox programs.


If your addiction recovery program involves medication, either as a medication replacement or a medication to help with withdrawal, most facilities provide that medication. It could be a replacement medication such as Suboxone or multiple medications like antinausea medications or medication to manage the psychological side effects such as antidepressants. Doctors who specialize in addiction often administer these medications.

Most rehabs will also have the facilities to treat ongoing conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. This is to make sure you get the medications that you regularly need while you are in inpatient treatment.


inpatient rehab

Counseling is an important part of inpatient rehab.

Counseling is a basic service that comes with all inpatient rehabs. Counseling is an extremely important part of recovery. There are two basic types of counseling usually available. These two types are:

  • individual counseling – this type is one on one with a therapist. Each person’s experience and counseling program is usually different. You and the therapist try to work out exactly what caused the addiction.
  • group counseling – in group counseling you meet as a group with a single therapist. This type of counseling is beneficial to those who need peer support and the knowledge of those who have been in your situation.

There are other types of counseling but these are the most common. There is also family counseling and peer counseling.


The majority of the inpatient programs have aftercare plans for your reentry into the world. This usually provides a combination of counseling and medication management services. Aftercare is extremely important to preventing relapse once you are out of the inpatient facility.

Moderate Inpatient Rehab Services

Moderate inpatient services are often more expensive than the basic services. They are more geared toward whole life balance rather than just stopping the drug addiction. Moderate rehab has all of the basics plus several other types of services.

Dietary Services

Learning what to eat and how to eat helps to combat both the source of the addiction and the health problems that happen after the addiction. Dietitians can train you how and what to eat to maintain optimum health. Although basic rehabs feed you, moderate rehabs or those that have dietary counseling teach you how to eat. This is an important part of addiction recovery.

Exercise Equipment and Instruction

Most moderate rehab centers have an exercise program for their clients. Since both diet and exercise are beneficial to the recovery process, this is an important part of recovery. Many rehab facilities also employ trainers to help you learn what you need to know about exercising and its benefits. Sometimes this exercise might come in the form of yoga and stretching other times it is weight training and cardiovascular exercise.

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is rapidly appearing in many practices, according to the American Psychological Association. Many doctors, therapists, and other practitioners have recently embraced holistic medicine for treatment of addiction. There are many holistic practices such as art therapy, pet therapy, and hypnotism available.

Luxury Inpatient Rehab Services

Luxury inpatient treatment facilities are extremely expensive but have a vast amount of services available should you need them. Most of these facilities are willing to engage services if they do not already offer them.


Most luxury facilities offer a pool as part of their rehab program. They teach exercise and relaxation through water therapy. Aquatics are wonderful for those that cannot do rigorous physical activity.

Personal Assistants

Some rehabs offer private personal assistants for their clients who need help with day to day activities. These are people hired specifically to cater to the needs of the patients that are not drug related.

Business Services

Some rehabs have business communication, secretarial, and other business services so their patients do not have to take a break from work.

Massage and Other Therapies

Massage and spa therapies are a popular form of relaxation therapy. Some higher end rehabs have entire spas inside their facilities for their patients to use while they are recovering.

According to the National Library of Medicine, substance use disorder is very treatable with the right methods of treatment. It is just a matter of finding the right services for you. For help finding the inpatient services you need call 800-895-1695.

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