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Are you an Addict? 15 Questions that Can Help you Find Out

If you use drugs regularly you might be wondering whether you are an addict or not. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, illicit drug use and addiction is on the rise all over the country so it is not surprising that more people are wondering if they’ve become an addict. Most of this use begins recreationally, but quickly becomes an addiction.

1. Do you Use Drugs to Escape Your Problems?

Most people start out using drugs to have a good time. However, this quickly degenerates into using the drugs to get away from stress and shame caused by the drug use. This is addiction.

2. Do you Crave Drugs when you Do Not Have Them?

Drugs fundamentally change the chemical makeup of the brain. They so imbalance these chemicals, that the brain believes that it needs the drugs to function, resulting in cravings.

3. Do you Feel Out of Control on the Drugs?

Any time that you are no longer in control of yourself and your actions, you have a very real problem. If this lack of control is because of a substance of abuse, you have an addiction.

4. Do you go into Withdrawal if you Stop Taking the Drugs?

Illness, pain, seizures, and insomnia when stopping the use of a drug is symptomatic of withdrawal. This is one of the hallmarks of addiction.

5. Have you Built Up a Tolerance to the Drugs?

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If you experience withdrawal symptoms when not on the drug, you are most likely addicted.

If you have to use more and more of the drug in order to get the desired effect, you are developing a tolerance. Tolerance is one of the first signs of an emerging addiction.

6. Do you Get Anxious when Faced with the Prospect of Running Out of the Drugs?

Once dependence and addiction has taken hold, just the thought of running out of your chosen substance of abuse will create fear and anxiety. It will also create a drive to get more.

7. Do you Find yourself Doing Things that you Would Not Ordinarily do to get the Drugs?

Addictive substances are very powerful, and create a very real physical and psychological need for them in order for you to function. This often drives users to commit crimes, prostitute themselves, or hurt their loved ones in order to get the drugs they need.

8. Do you Lie About your Drug Habit?

It is not uncommon for addicts to try and hide their addiction from others. This is due to shame, remorse, and a fear that someone will make them stop.

9. Do you Suffer from Anxiety or Depression when you are Not on the Drugs?

One of the signs of withdrawal is severe anxiety and depression. If you are suffering symptoms of withdrawal, you may have an addiction.

10. Has your Family Questioned your Behavior?

Those that care about you most are often the most forgiving. If your drug use has reached a point that they feel they need an explanation, or attempt an intervention, you may be addicted.

11. Have you Ever Blacked Out while on the Drugs

With increasing tolerance, and less self-control, many drug abusers find themselves taking so much of a drug that they black out. This is a very dangerous situation, and a sure sign that you have an addiction.

Steps for Taking Responsibility for Your Life and Overcoming Addiction

12. Have you Been Arrested while on Drugs?

Addicts often have no real control over their actions while under the influence. Many times, this leads to legal trouble.

13. Do you Feel as if you Cannot Live without the Drugs?

Tolerance to drugs will lead to dependence, where you actually need the drugs just to function normally. If you reach this point, you are an addict.

14. Are the Drugs Ruining your Life?

If you have lost your job, health, friends, home, or family because of your drug use, then you have let the drugs take over to the point that they are ruining your existence.

15. Do you Think you Need Treatment?

If you have ever asked yourself whether or not you have a problem, then you do. Once you have an addiction, the logical next step is to get the help you need to beat the addiction and get your life back. Give us a call at 800-487-1890 (Who Answers?) , today. We can assist you by answering questions, and directing you to treatment services in your area.

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