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5 Common Myths and Facts About Drug Abuse and Addiction

It is surprising with all of the research that scientists do on drug addiction that some common myths still persist. Most of these myths are easily dispelled with a bit of time and research. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are many myths that need to be explored before you fully understand drug addiction and abuse.

Myth #1: Once you go through Detox you are Not Addicted Anymore

Drug detox in a treatment center is going through an assisted withdrawal. Most treatment centers offer some form of detox help. This allows a person to withdrawal in comfort rather than alone. Some people think this is all that they need to stop using the drug.


Detox is not the end of drug treatment. Drug treatment takes counseling to discover the cause of drug treatment. If you have gone through drug detox, it is important that you continue your drug treatment. To find a drug treatment center that specializes in your addiction call 800-487-1890 (Who Answers?) . We can help before it is too late and you relapse.

Myth #2: Addicts Choose to be Addicts

About Drug Abuse

Putting a drug addict in jail is usually not effective in keeping them sober.

Many people believe that an addict chooses to be an addict. They make a conscious decision to continue to use the drugs.


An addict might choose to use a drug the first few times but once the addiction takes hold, the drugs are what is making the choice. Once the addiction takes a physical and mental hold on you, it is close to impossible to choose to stop on your own.

Myth #3: Addiction Needs to be Punished

Some people feel that jail or some form of punishment is necessary for an addict to stop using. This is not true. Mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent drug offences has been the norm for many years now.


Prison for those on drugs generally will not work. Most of the people who go into jail using drugs come out using them as well. If the drug that they are on is one with a dangerous withdrawal process, incarceration could kill them.

Myth #4: There is Only One Treatment for Drug Addiction

Many people think that one treatment works for every addiction. For years, doctors tried to impose a single type of drug treatment on every patient.


No one treatment works for every person or every addiction. Drug addicts are as varied as the drugs they take. If they do not have a tailored treatment plan that changes with them, they risk relapsing back into the addiction. There is no single treatment model that every patient will be successful using.

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Myth #5: Relapse Means Drug Addiction Treatment is a Failure

Relapse is a return to using drugs after treatment. Some people still view relapse as a sign that the treatment did not work.


There is no greater chance of relapse in drug addiction as having a relapse with diabetes or heart disease. Relapse is just that, just a sign of drug addiction. If you relapse you might need to change or intensify your treatment but relapse is just a part of addiction.

If you are caught up in any of these myths, it is important to dispel them as soon as possible. You can do this by finding a solid drug treatment program to help you through your addiction. To find the drug treatment that is right for you call 800-487-1890 (Who Answers?) .

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