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Iowa Recovery Centers

Dependence on drugs or alcohol interferes with everything you do in life; it disrupts your happiness and health; it ruins family relationships and bonds; and it can leave you feeling as if there’s literally no hope. But recovery is possible. For help finding an Iowa recovery center that will provide you with the support necessary to get sober, call 800-683-3270.

Recovery counselors will help you find and choose a treatment center in Iowa that provides support, guidance and assistance that is both meaningful and effective. The sooner you take the first steps toward getting sober, the greater the probability of overcoming addiction with minimal long term impact on your life.

Because addiction affects the entire family support system as a whole, consider choosing a treatment facility that will provide quality care for both you and your loved ones. For more information about the treatment options available to assist you in Iowa, call our helpline toll free at 800-683-3270.

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