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Addiction to methamphetamine, prescription painkillers, narcotics or alcohol can be life threatening, life ruining and downright scary. As an addict, you worry about what recovery will be like, and how you will “live” without the substance of choice. As the loved one of an addict, you worry about what you will do without the loved on in your life if he or she suffers the absolute greatest consequence of addiction—death. But it doesn’t have to be this way, Idaho recovery centers are widely available to help you and your loved ones get well.

Call our helpline to speak with a counselor about the treatment options that are available to help you get sober – 800-683-3270

Idaho residential treatment programs offer various levels of care for those suffering from all stages of substance abuse. This means that whether you’re just realizing that you may have a drug or alcohol problem, or you’ve been in and out of treatment in the past, there’s a program available that can provide a comfortable fit in treatment for you.

For your own sobriety, and for the sake of all those who care about you, call our helpline 800-683-3270 to speak with someone about getting sober. The world, Idaho especially, is a beautiful place when you can experience it in a sober, clean, state of mind.

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