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California Recovery Centers

Substance Abuse .org provides a comprehensive directory of drug and alcohol rehab centers in California including inpatient treatment centers, drug or alcohol detox centers, and a number of sober living options in major cities such as Los Angeles as well as in smaller cities and towns throughout the state of California. For immediate assistance, call our helpline at 800-683-3270 to speak with an advisor about the treatment options available near you.

Studies show that those who receive treatment for addiction in a qualified treatment center are more likely to remain sober long term than those who do not receive such help. Enrollment in a California rehab center can reduce the risk of relapse and restore balance in to your life. If you’re not sure what type of treatment to choose, or whether there’s a local rehab center that can help you get sober, call our helpline for placement 800-683-3270.

Substance Abuse .org provides complete access to the tools, support and treatment options that you need to get sober. From residential rehab centers in Los Angeles, to San Diego detox centers, no matter where you live or what type of treatment you need, we can help.

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