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Full Circle: From the Beginning of an Addiction through treatment

You wake up one day and you are an addict. Not really.

Some people believe that addiction just happens. However, moving from addiction to sobriety is a process. Sometimes this process is a lengthy one, other times it happens very quickly. Regardless of the speed, every addict goes through several stages as they move from addiction to sobriety.


A person might initially try using drugs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Peer drug use
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Mental or physical illness

Once they try the drug the next phase is likely to begin.


Beginning of an Addiction

Once addiction sets in, treatment is necessary in order to stop using.

This is the casual user stage, using the drugs occasionally. A person may only use a few days per week but they do continue to use whether they completely want to or not.


Abuse is the stage where the drug user has their last chance to stop on their own. They might start to use the drug daily or habitually seek the drug out. The time to seek help is now. For more information on finding a treatment center call SubstanceAbuse.org at 800-683-3270.


According to the National Institute on Heath, this is where the compulsion begins. During the addiction phase, a person cannot stop— even if they want to—without help. Many people try, but it is close to impossible to stop without treatment at this point.


According to the Manitoba Education System, the fall is marked by a harmful involvement in which the drugs start to damage the individual. During this period, a dependence on the drug is developed, despite its harmful effects. It hurts the family and friends of the user as well as the user. At this point, the family and friends of the user might intervene or the user themselves might hit rock bottom and decide that they are desperate for treatment.

How do You Know that it is Time to Seek Treatment for Your Substance Abuse?


When things get bad enough, the user seeks treatment. This treatment may take the form of (but is not limited to):

This treatment might come in the form of incarceration or through a treatment center. Some will need treatment due to a court order or because of an accident; some will seek it voluntarily.


Aftercare is the recovery phase. This phase means continued sobriety and the desire to be sober is very strong. Users are completely distanced from drugs, but there is still the chance of relapse. During this phase the user needs to be very wary of triggers and use what they learned in treatment in order to remain sober.

When you are in any one of these phases and feel the need to use drugs, it is important to seek treatment. If you want treatment or information about treatment call us 800-683-3270. We can help you find the treatment you need with just a phone call.

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